Suzanne C HEWSON [1937- ]

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Suzanne C
Birthplace (town, state)
Surrey, England
Birthplace (country)
United Kingdom

Student and Prefect at KGV 1953-1954

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And then in the Finals...

"High Standard At Inter-School Swimming Meet...

...Honours in the Middle School Girls' events swum off yesterday were shared by KGV's Vanessa Giles and New Method College 's Kan Lin-ling, while in the Inter-School 200 Metres Relay event in this division, King George V School took the first place. 

Vanessa Giles, after taking an early one-length lead from Suzanne Hewson, kept well in the lead in the 100 Metres Free Style to win by two lengths.

Suzanne Hewson did not have matters her own way in gaining second place. New Method's Chang Ching-mui came up from behind and a gallant attempt saw her level with Suzanne at the beginning of the last lap.

The stronger finish of the KGV girl took her to the winning line in an exciting finish by the narrow margin of just under half a length.

Kan Yin-ling, although eventually finishing up three lengths ahead of KGV's Lorna Mack, led all the way in the Middle School Girls' 100 Metres Back Stroke. New Method's Chan Ching-mui was third.

The Middle School Girls' 200 Metres Free Style Relay provided an exciting tussle between KGV and New Method College. Belilios Public School, with their firs three swimmers swimming the breast stroke, sportingly completed the race well behind.

Suzanne Hewson gave KGV an early four-length lead, but New Method's second swimmer, Virginia Wong, reduced this to just over one length on Elizabeth Stokes. 

Paddy Fu cut the lead further to when she drew closer to Lynn Ramsay by half a length.

Vanessa Giles, though given only half a length lead, easily outsped her rival Chang Ching-mui to reach the finishing line three lengths ahead...


...Middle Girls' 100 metres free style: 1. Vanessa Giles (KGV); 2 . Suzanne Hewson (KGV); 3. Chang Ching-mui (NM). Time: 70 secs. 

...Middle Girls' 4 x 50 metres relay: 1. KGV; 2. NM; 3. BPS. Time. 2 mins 31.4secs...."

Source: The China Mail, page 6, 19th June 1953  

UK Birth Index

Suzanne C Hewson birth registered Quarter 4 1937 Surrey mother's maiden name Beckett

Passenger List Liverpool to Hong Kong 1952

Ernest S Hewson 43 Civil Servant [Ernest Sunley Hewson  b 4 July 1908 d 12 November 1987 Fakenham Norfolk]

[Marriage Ernest Sunley Hewson to Blanche Mabel Beckett 22 April 1935]

Blanche M Hewson 45  [Blanche Mabel Hewson nee Beckett  born 21 May 1907]

Suzanne  C Hewson 14 Student

UK Passenger List Hong Kong to Southampton March 1956

Ernest Hewson  11 April 1908 born Civil Servant [died 12 November 1987 Fakenham Norfolk]

Suzanne Hewson born 8 September 1937 student

UK Marriage Index

Suzanne C Hewson registered December Quarter 1974 Cambridge UK Kenneth B Rolfe

1939 Ration Book Census

Kenneth Bradley Rolfe born 25 March 1925 living at Blundells School Tiverton Devon

Passenger List 1957 Southampton to Hong Kong

Kenneth Bradley Rolfe born 25 March 1925 Chartered Surveyor

UK and Ireland Obituary Index

Kenneth Bradley Rolfe age 95  death registered 28 January 2021

UK Marriage Undex

Suzanne C Hewson to  Stephen J Campbell June 1989 New Forest Hampshire