1914 Yau Ma Tei Reclamation [1914- ]

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Around 1910, land had been reclaimed west of Reclamation Street and south of Saigon Street. Also, Kowloon Marine Lot K.M.L. 39 (west of Reclamation Street and north of Public Square Street) had been reclaimed. Between these two reclamations a "bay" was created which was to be reclaimed next.

In 1911, a tender was published for the reclamation work which was finally finished in 1914. The Public Works Report for 1914 refers:

129. Reclamation opposite K.M.L.. 29-31, Yaumati.---This work, together with the slipway for the Repairing and Coaling Yard for Government Launches, which was constructed as an extra work under the contract, was completed in November. All liabilities were discharged before the end of the year. The area reclaimed (9.05 acres) lies to the westward of Reclamation Street and extends from Saigon Street to Public Square Street. 

The new seawall was close to where todays Ferry Street runs.