Catherine Margaret SHERRY [c.1922-1964]

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Catherine Margaret
(Day, Month, & Year are approximate.)
Birthplace (country)
Hong Kong
Died in (country)
Hong Kong

Her entry in the 1942 list of civilian internees:

Sherry Miss C M 20 Stenographer  

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Passenger List London to Kong Kong 8 November 1930

John Patrick Sherry 37 Manager Oriental Telephone & Electric Company

Mrs Elizabeth Sherry 36 [born in Scotland from Passenger List]

Miss Catherine M Sherry 8

Master Martin Damian Sherry 5

Passenger List Hong Kong to London 1933

Mrs E W Sherry 38 30 Salen Street Craigton Glasgow. She died 7 January 1958 in Hong Kong.

Miss C M Sherry 11

Master  J C Sherry 2 [John Cosmas Sherry]

Passenger List Southampton to New York on the Queen Mary 5 June 1939

John Patrick Sherry 45 Company Manager Scottish born Glasgow last permanent residence Hong Kong final destination Hong Kong Birth Registered 1893 Partick Scotland

Catherine Margaret Sherry 17 Scottish born Victoria Hong Kong last permanent residence Hampshire final destination Hong Kong

Passenger List Hong Kong to San Francisco arrival 15 April 1946

John Patrick Sherry 52 Company Manager born Glasgow

Catherine Margaret Sherry 24 Private Secretary born Hong Kong

Passenger List Hong Kong to San Francisco 1949

John Cosmas Sherry 18 British Student

Japanese Cards

John Patrick Sherry born 15 November 1893. Destination of Report Mrs Elizabeth Sherry Baguio Country Club Mountain Province Philippine Islands

Passenger List Blaine Washington USA  9 September 1943

Martin Damian Sherry 18 Student Destination University of Southern California Lost Angeles. Nearest  relative mother Elizabeth   Baguio Country Club Mountain Province Philippine Islands. Born The Peak Hong Kong 20 April 1925

Carl Smith Card 141369

Death Catherine Margaret Sherry 10 October 1964 in Hong Kong

Death John Patrick Sherry 6 March 1966 in Hong Kong