Apricot Flower Restaurant 杏花樓 [1846-1930]

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apricot flower restaurant 杏花樓 was the first big Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. It opened in 1846 near the Queens road central-Possession Street junction. According to reader Herostratus, the address was 325  Queens road Central. A newspaper report indicates the location was a red-light district which attracted a lot of customers to the place. At the beginning of the 20th century, government relocated the brothels to the western district (塘西) which led to the close down of the restaurant in 1930. In its heyday, when 李鴻章 (the most powerful Chinese minister at the end of the Qing dynasty who has served as governor of Guangtung-Guangxi and Tianjin) visited Hong Kong, government officials would entertain him at the restaurant.

杏花樓 1870
杏花樓 1870 , by simtang


杏花樓 1870-2
杏花樓 1870-2, by simtang

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