Chatham Road petrol station [????-1968]

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Petrol station at the Chatham road-Cooke street junction

This is a photo of the station in the 1950s with a lot of squatter huts up valley hill. They were removed after the 1961 fire. Therefore the picture should be taken before 1961. The Hunghom railroad depot was on the left side of the petrol station.

1950s chatham road petrol station
1950s chatham road petrol station, by simtang


1963 photo of the station. It is from a page about a railroad siding going to Whampoa dock through Baker street.

The petrol station is on the left. The siding was built in 1937 and abandoned in 1968.

1963 chatham-Baker railroad siding
1963 chatham-Baker railroad siding, by simtang


In a picture taken in the 1970s, the station was gone probably because of the construction of the Chatham flyover which began in 1968 and finished in 1969.

chatham flyover early 1970s
chatham flyover early 1970s, by simtang


Photos that show this Place


Overhead view of ho man tin depot 何文田車廠 1950s. One can see the petrol station on the right and squatter huts up valley hill. The huts were removed after 1954 and the spot at the upper right corner of the photo was still empty which was the site of future valley road estate built in 1962. The siding mentioned above which went across Chatham road and through Baker street is visible in this picture.

Ho Man Tin depot 何文田車廠 1960s
ho man tin depot 何文田車廠 1950s, by simtang