Cattle depot and slaughterhouse, Hung Hom [c.1892-c.1908]

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These adjacent sites are shown on the 1896 map as being located very close to the harbourfront at Hung Hom Bay. They were replaced by the new Cattle Depot and Slaughterhouse at Ma Tau Kok from 1908 onwards; a relocation of the facilities was necessary due to the construction/expansion of the railway works at Hung Hom (see 1907 Public Works Report, at 93).


PWR for 1892 refers:

109. Slaughter House Kowloon. - This building was completed in June last [i.e. 1892] and meets a want long felt by residents in British Kowloon.

The 1895 Public Works Report states:

"115.       Kowloon Cattle Depot.— This work has been completed and was handed over to the Sanitary Board on the 20th of December.

116.       The Depot is situated on the Hung Hom Road in close proximity to the Kowloon slaughter-house, and consists of a lair shed providing accommodation for 112 head of cattle, a Fodder Shed, Offices and Coolie Quarters.
The premises which occupy-an-area of 9,140-square feet are enclosed by a brick boundary wall."