Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Factory, To Kwa Wan/Ma Tau Kok [c.1914-c.1999]

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A photo of the 'factories of Nanyan [sic] Brothers Tobacco Co. Ltd. at Sung Wong Toi Road, c.1915' appears on p.78 of A Century of Kowloon Roads and Streets (Joint Publishing (HK), 2000). It looks to have been located very close to the waterfront, but the precise location is not yet known. Demolition started in 1999 for a major redevelopment of both this site and the Tien Chu factory (source: South China Morning Post, 'To Kwa Wan's $6bn project begins', 1 December 1999)


The 1925 Comacrib Directory gives the office address for Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co., Ltd. as 165 Des Voeux Road, Central, and the factory address as 199 Wan Chai Road. So maybe their factory in Kowloon was a later generation?