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The undermentioned persons are requested to stand by in readiness to sail by the s/s "Empire Lagan” which will be leaving for the United Kingdom on Friday (19 th) or Saturday (20th) inst.:-—

Maher, S. A., Spr.

Morrison, R., Cpl.

McMaster, W. D., Pte.

Voronoff, P., Mrs.

Langston, A. G., Pte.

Johnson, G. E. L., Sgt.

Johnson, M., Mrs.

Lee, J., Mr.

Komorsky, Z., Mrs.

Houston, W., Cpl.

Humphrey, S. E. M., Mrs.

Humphrey, E. G. K., Sgt.

Paterson, D. M., Mrs.

Hunt, H. J., Mrs.

Hunt, A. M., Miss

Anstey, E. C. K., Miss

Archangelsky, O., Miss

Atkins, E. S., Miss

Bateman M. O., Mrs,

Baxter, M. N., Miss

Berzin, A., Miss

Blake, M. V. Mrs.

Braga, L. W., Mrs.

Braga, J. P. Miss

Braga, R. M., Miss

Gilbert, R., Mrs.

Gilbert, G., Miss

Rickett, A., Mrs. 

Watson, M. S., Miss

Tyrrell, M. M., Miss

White, M., Mrs.

White, M., Miss

White, D. B., Master

Messrs. Anderson, J. W.

Messrs. Bateman, R. W.

Messrs. Braga, J. V.

Dr. Canaval, G. C.

Messrs. Crookdrake, G.

Messrs. Croucher, N. V.    A.

Messrs. Dawson, D. L.

Messrs. Esdakoff, P. B.

Messrs. Gilbert, P.

Messrs. Gillies, W.

Messrs. Guerci, G.

Messrs. Kempton, J.

Messrs. Kimatrai, J.

Messrs. Hailgreen, H.

Messrs. Lay, A. C. H.

Messrs. Lay, A. T.

Messrs. McClatchie, J. D.

Messrs. McLeod, W.

Messrs. Plumb, B.

Messrs. Streatfield, E. P.

Messrs. White, F. A.

Messrs. Michie, J.

Messrs. Kothari, N. A.

Mne. Franklin, J. PO/xl05057

L/Cpl. Drinkwater, R. 14502460.

Fus. Simmons, V. 7022725

Pte. Kelly, M. P. 14993036

Mne. Mumford, J. R. POX102007

It is always desirable for repatriates to take a small folding stool, and a pillow. Plenty of old shorts and khaki shirts, are desirable as washing facilities are generally small.

15th October, 1945.

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