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Bisnee Villa [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

IL 623.

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I think this was called Bisney Villas and was once used as university staff accommodation. I recall reading somewhere that G.A.C. Herklots lived there in the 1930s but cannot find the reference to it. The whole site became modern staff accommodation at some time after the 1960s, inclufing separate houses. From the for sale notices in the press it would seem that the university has sold the properties of Bisney Villas.

They are still called that. 

1873. Advertised for sale on p.1 of Hong Kong Daily Press, 1873-04-09:


TO BE SOLD by Public Auction, on a day to be hereafter notified (if not privately disposed of or let),—

That delightful, well and substantially built Summer Residence, situated near MOUNT DAVIS at Pokfoolum, known as “BISNEE VILLA” together with the Out-Offices and Servants' Quarters, having Stabling with Eight Stalls and Coach house, Bath-rooms laid on with water-pipes and shower baths. The Ground is laid but with a good Flower Garden, with a large Fountain six feet deep and fourteen feet in diameter, and in good working order.

There is also a Mat Bungalow put up on the sea-side on the lower part of the ground, where it affords a good sea-bathing place, and the latter is now under lease for twelve months for $60 per annum.

The above stand on registered Inland Lot No. 623, and measure as follows:-

  • North and East side abutting on Government Land, 514 feet.
  • South and West side, sea side highest water mark, 530 feet.
  • South and East side, Government Land, 1,440 feet.
  • North and West side, Government Land, 1,440 feet.

Contains on the whole 10 acres.

The Lease is for 999 years, and Crown Rent only $48 per annum.

For particulars, apply to
          D. RUTTUNJEE, ESq.;
              or to
          C. H. MORGAN, ESQ., Auctioneer.

558 Hongkong, April 9th, 1873.

1886. Sold to new owner, Page 2 of The China Mail, 1886-04-14 refers:

BISNEE VILLA at Pokfulam was sold by auction to-day by Mr H. N. Mody to Mr Granville Sharp for $6,100.