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The following persons are requested to “Stand by” for embarkation for Australia on or about Tuesday, 25th Sept., 1945.


Mr J. Lawson, Mr and Mrs Grant-Smith, Mr V. V. Macdonnell, Mr A. Kidd, Miss E. Thomson, Miss M. Gooey, Miss L. Gooey, Mrs. M. Adam, Mrs A. H. Hansen, Mr and Mrs Rozeskwy and child, Mr and Mrs A. E. P. Guest and family, Mr and Mrs Nobbins, Mrs J. Mackie, Mr and Mrs J. Anderson and family, Mr J. R. Carr, Mr C. J. E. Scott, Mr H. V. Thorne, Mr and Mrs Culver and child, Miss M. Matheson, Mrs E. J. Beck and children, Mr E. N. Gimmell, Mr and Mrs F. Hogg, Mrs K. E. Clarke and children, Mr and Mrs Bidwell, Miss W. M. Sutton, Mrs M. Angus, Mrs W. Shewan, Mr P. E. Nettle, Mrs G. Castle, Miss C. Hobbs.


Mr W. A. Johnson, Mr F.L. Ball, Mr S.V. Boxer, Mr M.M. Watson, Mr H. A. Angus, Mr F.    Angus, Mr W. Shewan, Mr C. R. Lawrence, Mr R. W. Maynard, Mr G. Castle. Mr. A. F. Tocher, Mr F. J. Anslow, Mr J. Revie, Mr A. W. Salter, Bro. B. M. Kelleher, Mr E. Dubois, Mr W. R. Hillyer, Mr and Mrs. D. L. Edwards and child, Mr E. F. Brown, Mr R. H. Brooks, Mr J. C. Fitzhenry, Mr. C. W. Brand, Miss V. M. Witchell, Mr and Mrs V. Walker, Mr A. C. Taylor, Mr W. W. Owens, Mr T. Collins (H.K. Police), Mr H. T. Matches (H.K. Police), Mr H. B. Dewar (H.K. Police), Mr F. T. Portallion (H.K. Police), Mr D. L. Davies (H.K. Police), Mr F. Mawer (H.K. Police), Mr R. Grainger (H.K. Police), Mr T. K. Whelan (H.K. Police), Mr W. R. Chesterwoods (H.K. Police), Mr J. G. Whitcroft (H.K. Police), Mr L. H. Borisoff (H.K. Police), Mr W. P. Delahunty (H.K. Police), Mr H. V. J. Brown (H.K. Police) , Mr J. Orem (HK. Police), Mr W. Morris (H.K. Police), Mr G. C. Rousakoff (H.K. Police), Mr F. L. Zadorin (H.K. Police), Mr D. I. Glazoonoff (H.K. Police), Dr G. I. Shaw, Mr A. Kurrik, Mr E. L. Strange, Mr C. Milne, Mr R. C. Keen, Mr H. Kew, Mr C. B. Robertson, Mr J. G. Campbell, Mr W. Mezger, Mr C. H. Fuller, Mr C. Strange, Mr N. M. Krasnoperoff, Mr P. J. O’Neil, Mrs and Miss E. J. Lee, Miss M. Lee Fong, Mr N. I. Kouznetzoff, Mr F. S. Elliott, Mr G. T. Padgett.


H.K. & S. Bank Bldg., 1st floor
(Telephone No. 39642).
22nd September, 1945.

Published on p.2 of SCMP for 23 Sep 1945.

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