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The persons in this List are additional to those in List No. 1.

The following person should assemble at STANLEY at 10 a.m. on SATURDAY 22nd September, 1945:—

Mrs. D. N. Shields.

The following persons should assemble at QUEENS PIER at 10 a.m. on SATURDAY 22nd September, 1945, or, in the case of Kowloon residents, board H.M.S. “SMITER” at Kowloon Wharves:—

Miss D. P. Geen Miss V. Brett Miss M. Webster Miss P. McClellan, Miss S. H. Andrews, Mrs M. Chubb and child, Mr T. A. Hughes (H.K Police). Mr T. Collins H.K. Police). Mr Blackbourn (H.K. Police). Mr S. H. Dowman (H.K. Police). Mr J. R. Bentley (H.K. Police). Mr F. E. Channing (H.K. Police). Mr W. Gowans (H.K. Police). Mr M. Reynolds (H.K. Police). Mr & Mrs C. Littler, Mr G. V. White (H.K. Police). Mr A. W. Smith (H.K. Police). Mr G.S. Fender (H.K. Police). Mr T. E. Maycock (H.K. Police). Mr G.N. Davitt (H.K. Police), Mr C.S. Pile (H.K. Police), Mr A. C. C. Stewart (H.K. Police). Mr B. C. Fay (H.K. Police). Mr T. Pilkington (H. K. Police). Mr W. N. Winslade (H.K. Police) Mr W.L. Kinloch (H.K. Police) Mr J. Harris (H.K. Police). Mr J. Goodman (H.K. Police), Mr W E Astley (H K Police) Mr J Allen (H K Police) Mr J MacDonald (H K Police) Mr S J Bradsell (H K Police) Mr G S Alexander (H K Police) Mr W H Summers (H K Police) Mr H J Baldwin (H K Police) Mr K J Douche (H K Police) Mr C Dowman (H K Police) Mr H T Matches (H K Police) Mr W G Morrison (HK Police) Mr B D Lay (H K Police) Miss C B Robinson, Miss A M Harrington, Miss M A Wilson, Mr Mr R M Wood (P W D), Mr S Parker (HK Police) Mr H W Jenner (H K Police) Mr T R Hunter (H K Police) Mr C Mottram (H K Police) Mr D Clark (H K Police) Mr J R H Clements (H K Police) Mr G C Moss (H K Police) Mr A Wallingford (H K Police) Mr A Shaw (H K Police) Mr W L Clark (H K Police) Mr S Innes (H K Police) Miss C I Watson, Miss D M Evans, Miss F A Cranfield, Miss M L Everett.

H.K. & S’hai Bank Bldg, 1st.fl,
(Telephone No. 39642)
21st Sept. 1945.

Published on p.2 of SCMP for 21 Sep 1945.

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