Chi Ma Wan tunnel [????- ]

Submitted by hkoutdooradventures on Fri, 02/25/2022 - 21:50
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I did not know that there were WW2 tunnels in Lantau, but this looks like one. Relatively small with only one entrance L shaped. Next to Temple South crag with good command over the coastline below. The other option is that it is a mine prospect. No records of it in the maps checked, for example this one in the industrialhk web.

Chi Ma Wan Japanese Tunnel (?)
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Great find however I suspect this is not a Japanese tunnel but excavations associated with Temporary Mining Licence No 22, issued in August 1952 to Fung Iu Cheung for iron ore. This seems to be something of a speculative development and despite inviting Japanese mining experts to review the find it never seems to go into production. 

HKRS 156-1-3055.JPG
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