Hung Hom Police Station (2nd generation) [c.1950-1979]

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Second generation Hung Hom Police Station was located at the junction Chatham Road North and Hok Yuen Street. It can be located on the 1956 Kowloon map on Gwulo.

Simtang pointed out that works for the police station building commenced in 1949, and the station was opened in 1950. The station was demolished when Chatham Road was widened; it is still there on an aerial photo from December 1977, and gone on one from September 1979.

Photos that show this Place


This picture shows how the police station looked like in 1976  from the back across the Tsing Chau street playground looking west towards chatham road.

1976 hunghom police station.png
1976 hunghom police station.png, by simtang


This one the same angle around 1982 with only the first floor left. The higher floors have been demolished.

1982 hunghom police station.png
1982 hunghom police station.png, by simtang


A photo of the police station taken from a spot around the Pak Kung street-chatham road junction. Looking south at the Hok Yuen street junction with the station on the left. The old residential building was demolished around 2012 to make way for the Chatham gate. The station was demolished around 1979 and construction of the  east kowloon corridor was started in 1973.  So the photo must be around early 1970s or even earlier.


1970s_chatham_road_police_station.jpg, by simtang