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Seeking British policeman in Hong Kong, late 1800s early 1900s


According to a family story, a great-grand uncle who was a policeman in Britain went to Hong Kong. His name was John Diamond, born Cornwall, 1860. I *think* he was still in the UK in 1893 but am not 100% sure.

The story is that he is buried in the Happy Valley Cemetery.

I've searched the "List of People" on this site, and there are no Diamonds there (or Dymond/Dimond) under police or otherwise.

I have been through all the pages of "Register of Interments (Foreigners), 1884-1973 - from Colonial Cemetery (Happy Valley) 跑馬地殖民地墳場 on Family search.


Graves for Royal Hong Kong Police Force (Foreigners), 1886-1977


Register of Interments (Ossuarium, Foreigners), 1865-1941

and others, with no luck. It is possible he married a local as the family legend says "his grandson married a Chinese woman and their daughter married a big man named Boult".

It isn't much to go on. But does anyone have any ideas on where I should be searching next?

thanks :)

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There was an Alfred George Dymond employed in the HK police on 15th December 1893, pensioned 6th June 1904 aged 47 years of age, listed as a pensioner in 1917

Are you sure his first name is John? Or is the above any relation to your John?



Thanks - his birth records and census records say John, and there are no Georges (although an Alfred in later generations) in the family. No relation as far as I know.

Interesting on my searches I did not find Alfred George in the cemeteries I looked in.



Alfred George DYMOND     Inspector at Aberdeen in 1907     at Central in 1913     to pension on 6.6.1914       alive in 1930

I think Christine Thomas is the person who can help you. She used to work for the Hong Kong Police and helps people with their ancestry queries professionally. The email address that she gives on the site is

if anyone can help you Christine can.

Thank you, Jill :)

Two more thoughts:

- If you search the Carl Smith records for the name "Boult", there is an Archive record for R.S. Boult - "Removal to the United Kingdom under the Colonial Prisoner Removal Act." That's HKRS146-1-27 and the date range is 17.2.1949-15.2.1951. Could John Diamond's great-granddaughter's husband have got the wrong side of the law? 

- There was a Diamond family already in Hong Kong in 1854. Charles and Maria Diamond's daughter, Elizabeth was baptised at the Roman Catholic Cathedral then. Her sponsor was Thomas Diamond. Did your grave searches cover St Michael's Catholic Cemetery - also in Happy Valley?

Thanks - I looked under Jewish but not Catholic - will try again.

Thomas Diamond is a family name ... John's brother, and grandfather and great-grandfather had the same name. No Charles that I am aware of, but I will dig further back.


Looking back to a previous Gwulo thread for St Michael's Catholic Cemetery, their contact details given by Herostratus are:

St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery

Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Tel: 852-2572-6078

Their data base isn't searchable online, but they respond to telephone enquiries, I know. Probably email too.

Herostratus also gives details for several other Catholic cemeteries in the same thread under St Michael's. Good luck!