Charcoal kiln on Wilson Trail, stage 5 (north) [????- ]

Submitted by Admin on Sat, 01/01/2022 - 13:18
Current condition

I saw this on our walk this morning. I thought it was a new tunnel to explore, but once I got close the smooth rounded walls and sooty interior showed it is another charcoal kiln. It's the second one I've seen along this stretch of the Wilson Trail - the other one is a bit further south.

When they're still in their original condition, I don't think I'd notice them. It's only when they get older and the roof falls in that they are easy to spot. Then I expect after a few years they will completely collapse and will be invisible again.

Directions - The GPS coordinates are approximate, but if you're walking north along the trail watch out for:

  1. Wilson Trail distance marker #49
  2. The path makes a sharp right turn
  3. The path makes a sharp left turn, and there's a small path on the right leading to a flat area for exercise
  4. Stay on the main path and you'll pass a "Country Park Plantation Enrichment Project" sign
  5. The kiln is on the right of the path, a few metres distant, on the slope below the exercise area

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