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Gutzlaff Street [c.1843- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1843-01-01 (Year, Month are approximate)

Named after

Karl Friedrich August GÜTZLAFF (aka Charles Gutzlaff) [1803-1851]


Gutzlaff Street is a street (a narrow lane today) in Central between Queen's Road and Lyndhurst Terrace (parallel to Graham Street). It is one of the oldest streets in Hong Kong.

Also known as "Red-haired Dame Street" or Hung Mo Kew Street (‘Red-haired Kew Street’) (see below). Was a street where many Chinese shoemaker made western-style ladies shoes, on the other hand where western brothels were located (see e.g. here).

Timeline: <

  • 1843: Street appears first on a map (
  • 1855: Street named (guessed, appears on the 1859 map on

Other points of interest

Old tenement house remains on Cochrane Street [????- ]

Ng aKew property 2-10 Gutzlaff St (see also Akew NG [c.1820-c.1881])