20 D'Aguilar Street [????-????]

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20 D'Aguilar Street is an important historical site related to the revolution at the end of the Qing dynasty.The place wo kee motel 和記棧 is located in the present-day Central, which was related to fruit and revolution more than a hundred years ago.

The former site of wo kee is located at No. 20 D'Aguilar Street. In the 1900s, the revolutionary party was funded by Hong Kong's wealthy businessman Li Jitang 李紀堂. The third floor was used as the revolutionary base, and the fruit store downstairs was used to divert attention from its activities. Under the coordination of Xie Jiantai, a revolutionary Tse Tsan-tai 謝纘泰 planned the Guangzhou Uprising in 1903. However, because of the information received by the Hong Kong police at the time as some people leaked the secrets, the uprising was finally cancelled. Since then, Xie Jiantai withdrew from the front-line work of the revolution and instead founded the South China Morning Post to promote revolutionary ideas. wo kee  is part of Sun Yat-sen’s historical trail, but it has become a modern store instead of selling fruits.

translated from https://shifiles.hk/posts/7909/%E5%92%8C%E8%A8%98%E6%A3%A7%E8%B3%A3%E7%…-

Following  picture shows the fruit store on the ground floor of Wo kee: Apparently the Hawker Control Team of HK government hasn't been formed yet.

20 D'Aguilar Street, c. 1890.jpg
20 D'Aguilar Street, c. 1890.jpg, by simtang


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