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Helen Nannie HAHN [1880-1949]

Helen Nannie
Birthplace (town, state): 
Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
Birthplace (country): 

Daughter of Albert Fernandes Charles Hahn, a German piano repairer, tuner, manufacturer and dance teacher from Berlin, and Leonida Maria Cordeiro of Macau. 

She was the mother of dance teacher Violet Capell




On the 4th instant, at Queen's Road East, the wife of Mr. A. HAHN, of a daughter." 

Source: Hong Kong Daily Press, page 2, 5th March 1880



Yesterday afternoon St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Garden Road was the scene of one of the prettiest of pretty weddings which it has been the privilege of our youth and maidens to take part in for many a long day past. The happy occasion was that of Mr. James Ralph Capell the popular Manager of the Victoria Dispensary, the bride being Miss Helen (Nannie) Hahn, second daughter of an old and most respected resident, Mr. Albert Hahn. Long before 3 o’clock, the hour appointed for the ceremony, the neighbourhood showed distinctive signs of some coming event, which, as the glorious sun was almost vertical, cast none but the pleasantest of shadows before it. The Bridegroom, with his best man Mr. I. S. Sanderson, arrived at the church first, soon followed by six bridesmaids, Miss Emily Hahn, Miss Bertha Hahn, Miss Jenny Hahn, Miss Evelyn Taylor, Miss Mabel Taylor and Miss Florence Murray who waited at the porch to receive and conduct their lady to the alter of Hymen. After a few minutes of pleasant anticipation the bride’s party arrived, including Mr. and Mrs. Hahn and a few other friends. At the altar the service was brief, not lasting more than a quarter of an hour, when Mendelsohn’s Wedding March, played by the organist, brought the ceremony to a close, the happy pair leaving the church amidst a hall of flower blossoms. A reception was held at the house during the afternoon where a great number of guests and callers received hearty welcome to view the numerous presents and drink to the future happiness of Mr. and Mrs. Capell. In the evening a dinner followed by a family party and dance brought to a close one of the prettiest of pretty and joyous weddings the Colony has ever witnessed. The bride’s dress was of snow white satin trimmed with orange blossom, the bridesmaids’ being uniformly of white silk received with emerald chiffond. Natural flowers, so beautiful and plentiful at this period of the year formed the principal decorations ensuite.

Source: The Hong Kong Telegraph, page 2, 12th April 1899

It would seem Violet Capell's penchant for patriotic fund raising may have its roots in her mother:

“War Comforts.

Mrs. Capell’s Working Party has sent this week, through Messrs. Shewan, Tomes and Company: - Two parcels to Mrs. Lefroy, containing 39 pieces women’s and children’s clothes; and one parcel to Miss Vivian containing 20 pieces women’s clothes”

Source: The Hong Kong Telegraph, page 4, 28th March 1917

She is buried at Brisbane General (Toowong) Cemetery, Portion 7A, Section 56, Plot 14A