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Heinrich LINDEMANN [1878-1900]

Birthplace (town, state): 
Wellingdorf, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Birthplace (country): 
Cause of death: 
Accidental drowning

A cook on board the German sailing vessel R.C. Rickmers who died tragically whilst saving a drowning colleague in Hong Kong. 


“A Life for a Life


This afternoon the funeral took place, at Happy Valley of Heinrich Lindemann, a native of Kiel, Germany, late cook on board the German sailing vessel R.C. Rickmers, who found his death by drowning under peculiarly sad circumstances. On Friday morning last Lindemann was busy writing a letter to his relatives at home whilst some of the sailors were enjoying a swim. Suddenly one of the swimmers got cramp and shouted for help. A lifebelt was thrown to him but he was too weak to reach it, and whilst the first officer was busy lowering a boat the cook rushed on deck to see what was the matter and, recognising his comrade’s danger, he immediately plunged into the water and swam with the belt to the drowning man who caught hold of it and was saved. The cook, who was a good swimmer, started for the ship by himself when he suddenly disappeared and could not be found. The cook had been ill lately and it is surmised that he died from failure of the heart’s action. The noble deed had been seen and admired from the ship’s company at its tragic ending. The body was found yesterday near Stonecutters. Messrs Rickmers, Bremerhaven, who are represented in the Colony by Messrs Arnhold, Karberg and Company, are to pay the funeral expenses. Pastor Kriele attended.”

Source: The China Mail, page 2, 16th July 1900


Birth: Wellingdorf, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 15th August 1878

Death: Hong Kong, Friday morning 13th July 1900 (gravestone has inscribed 12th July 1900) 

Buried: Grave Number 1, Row 21, Section 4, Hong Kong Cemetery, Happy Valley, Hong Kong 16th July 1900


Lindemann Heinrich 1900-07-12 22 658 04---/21/01-


04---/21/01- Lindemann Heinrich 1900-07-12 22 658


04---/21/01- Dem / andenken / des Kochs / HEINRICH LINDEMANN/Geboren den 15 August 1878 / zu Wellingdorf / Ertrunken am 12 Juli 1900 / zu Hong Kong / bei der errettung / eines kamaraden / Gewidmet von Besatzung des Seglers / R.C.RICKMERS.

"In memory of the cook, HEINRICH LINDEMANN. Born in Wellingdorf on 15 August 1878. Drowned in Hong Kong on 12 July while saving a comrade. Erected by the ship's crew."