Building at the junction of Chatham Road and Austin Avenue [c.1905-c.1962]

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Two-storey brick building at the junction of Chatham Road and Austin Avenue.

Probably at the same time as the church, a building was erected at the junction of Chatham Road and Austin Avenue, originally it was on KIL 617. This lot was split and the lot of the church and the rectory was renamed KIL 4030 in the 1930s. The original use of this building is unclear, but had probably a connection to Rosary Church.

From November 1921 to New Year’s Day 1923, it was used as the Maryknoll Sisters Convent.

In an email exchange with Prof. Cindy Yik-yi Chu from the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Maryknoll Archives in New York, the address of this building was 19 Chatham Road; this is proved by the address on the letterhead of the Sister's Convent. Today's address is 121-123 Chatham Road; obviously a change in houses numbers must have occurred later.

The building was likely demolished in the early 1960s and Winston Mansion was built (date of first occupation 9/1963).


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