Buildings at No. 19E Po Tung Road, Sai Kung (Li Shui Sang Houses) [c.1940- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Buildings at No. 19E Po Tung Road, Sai Kung (Li Shui Sang Houses) [c.1940- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1940-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

All information is from the Antiquities Advisory Board ("1,444 Historic Buildings and New Items in addition to 1,444 Historic Buildings").

Today it is the Sai Kung Lok Yuk Kindergarten, the building is Grade 2 confirmed on 4 Mar 2015. Full text of the Historic Building Appraisal here.

Architectural Merit

The Kindergarten consists of three two-storey blocks comprising one main block and two annex blocks linked by a footbridge at first floor level. The main block has a flat roof and arched verandahs. It was built in about 1940 of grey bricks. Floors, stairs, balconies and landings are all of concrete. The two annex blocks have an appearance of watchtowers. There is an entrance gate made of masonry standing in front of the main building, with a name tablet on the top with the name of “大届ⲯ䛇➪” (Tsung Tsin Mission Sai Kung Church) Architectural Merit Serial No.: N96 moulded on it.


The series of two-storey premises were built for residential use around 1940. The first owner was the merchant Li Shui-sang (㛶㯜䓇) until his death in 1946. The buildings were locally known as “Li Shui Sang Houses”

In 1943, the buildings were occupied by the Japanes Kaitempai. End of August 1945, the Japanese were forced to leave by the Hong Kong and Kowloon Brigade of East River Guerrillas after short fighting. Due to lack of government and police, the guerillas acted as defense corps until September 1946, when regular Hong Kong police and British soldiers took over.

As from and including 2 October 1946, “Li Shui Sang Houses” were requisitioned for use as Sai Kung Police Station (大届嬎会) to accommodate two Europeans and 30-40 other ranks. For the duration of four years, “Li Shui Sang Houses” were used as a police station.

On 10 October 1950, the Sai Kung Police Station moved to elsewhere and “Li Shui Sang Houses” were de-requisitioned and handed back to the owner.

Later in 1954 “Li Shui Sang Houses” were purchased by Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong (➢䜋㔁楁㷗ⲯ䛇㚫) for use as the site of Lok Yuk Theological Seminary (㦪做䤆⬠昊), it opened 17 October, 1955.

In 1967, Lok Yuk Theological Seminary was incorporated into Chung Chi Theological Seminary (ⲯ➢䤆⬠昊) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since then, the Sai Kung site at No. 19E Po Tung Road has been used as the campus of Sai Kung Lok Yuk Kindergarten (大届㦪做⸤䧂⚺)

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