William Edgar VAN EPS [1858-1934]

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William Edgar
Van Eps
Birthplace (town, state)
Schenectady, New York
Birthplace (country)
United States

William migrated to Hong Kong around 1886 and worked as a commission agent.

In 1891 he purchased/ bought into Brown Jones and Co funeral directors.

He had 9 children.

What I am looking for is the mother of the children / his wife.  He was married in 1922 when he completed a passenger declaration into Canada and stated that his wife was home at Morrison Hill Road, Hong Kong.

He died in Government Hospital in 1934.

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Burials Schenectady First Reformed Dutch Cemetery

Jane A Dawson Van Eps 1 September 1833 New York - 21 October 1904 (?his mother?)


Hong Kong Cemetery Happy Valley

William Edgar Van Eps 31 October 1858 -22 February 1934


Carl Smith Card 149051


William Edgar Van Eps of 45 Morrison Hill Road to Daisy Young of 45 Morrison Hill  Road  $10 000 residue in trust for life.

Passenger List 1902 he is recorded as single

Thank you so much.  Jane Dawson was his mother.

Is there any way I can get a copy or transcript of the Carl Smith Card 149041? Can I get a copy of the Will? Daisy Young is a new name to research.  He certainly did live at 45 Morrison Hill Road, my grandmother mentioned that she lived there.

Thank you for your information.


I made a typo with the Carl Smith card number. It is 149051

The reference of the will is Will 143/1934/3886 as shown on that card.

Executors John Fleming Chartered Accountannt and Mivael (sic) Howard Turner Solicitor both Hong Kong

As well as the comments about Daisy Young is also written "businesses of undertaker Brown Jones and Co. 15 November 1933 / after his death to those who are intitled (sic) to mu(sic) estate if I had died ntestate (sic)

Prod.22 February 1934 Decl. 21 March 1834"