08 Oct 1942, The Diary of Mrs Grace Smith

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Diary - pages 7-8

[Left page] Was carried down in a chair by Captain Basham, Mr Crofton [?] and his [?] son. They said I looked like the Queen of Sheba. Met with very kind people and settled in comfort. Thank God for that.

[Right page] 8th October 194[2]

Food very tight. My weight has gone down to 114 pounds.

Here are a few of the prices:

Duck eggs $2.00 [illegible]
Sugar $4.00 a [pound?]
Margarine$8.60 per [illegible]
Tea $10.00 per pound
/XL Jam 12 ozs $7.20
Butter $
No fat at all to be got Dripping $16.00 per [packet?]

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