1869 Early Kowloon: Business Announcement - Chong-Sha-Wan Picnic House | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1869 Early Kowloon: Business Announcement - Chong-Sha-Wan Picnic House

Chong-Sha-Wan (Cheung Sha Wan) Picnic House

Situated in the middle of the above village, on the border of, and about 20 yards from the sea. Opposite the Garden of Stone Cutter's Island, only a quarter-of-an hour's pull from the same.

The above House now in the course of construction will be opened for the respectable public of Hong Kong on the 18th December. It stands on a sandy place of more than one mile in extent, which affords a nice promenade for persons of all ages, and may be adapted to teach boys to swim. A small canvas tent will be placed on the border of the sea, with buckets of fresh water, if wanted.

A miniature Billiard Table, a Harmonium Card and other tables, and sundry furniture will be placed there for the use of visitors. 

A variety of fresh fish will be obtainable from a fishing but not far from thre spot; likewise the productions of the village.

An inspection by the picnic lovers of the place is requested.

The Key of the house may be obtained from F. F. DA Silva, 40 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, adjoining Messrs DE Souza & Co's Office.

TERMS - For a family or a party $2 a day, including the use of billiards etc.

J. M. DA Siva, 3rd December 1869

Source: Hong Kong Daily Press dated 3 January 1870 (after the opening).