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Merrilyn STEWART [????- ]


I have been trying to locate and contact this person for years. She is the daughter of William Alfred Stewart who has a large section in this forum. She was my closest friend at St.Brides School in Helensburgh and I shared accomodation with her in London in the swinging 60's. Would absolutely be delighted if someone could put us in contact with eavh other. I see that her niece (Sally Watson) posts here. I hope she picks this up. Thank you. (Marion Burns  nee Gray).



Would also like her contact details my name is Anthony Brown (Tony). My father was

Arthur Brown who worked withh Willie Stewart at Davie Boag & Co. Ltd.

Tony, If you hear from or about Merrilyn, please let me know. Thank you. Marion

I have also wondered about Merrilyn and would love to be in touch.  She was my best friend at the Peak School and when we both went to boarding school in the UK in 1958, we used to write to each other regularly and catch up in the summer holidays in HK.  Since we left school, nothing.  I also remember her sister Beverly who married and stayed in HK for years but again, I have heard nothing further.  Thank you - Alison Ferry (nee Threlfall)