21 Stanley Street, Hong Kong

Submitted by Deborah Jiang on Thu, 07/08/2021 - 22:03

I have found an old address from 1908 that is Kwan Yuen Cheong's: 21 Stanley Street.

Can someone please tell me where this would have been at that time?


According to the Index to Streets & Lots in 1894, 21 Stanley Street is Inland Lot 22.  Lots 23, 22 and 22A were located on the north side of Stanley Street between Pottinger Street and Cochrane Street.  The lot comprised 7 street numbers (odd numbers only), from 15 to 27.  No 21 should be at the middle part of the lot.  See the red arrow in the 1901 map below. 

In the photo below, 21 Stanley Street in 1908 is roughly the location of the carpark exit on the right, opposite the Pearl Oriental House, which is now 60 Stanley Street.