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#1 Chatham Path - Former "Chatham English School" [1927- ]

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Constructed in 1927 by its owner, John Caer Clark, the former Chatham English School was built in circa 1927 as a private residence.

1A Chatham Path, was occupied before WWII by Mr. and Mrs. Humphreys, Alfred David 60, Merchant, (as listed on the POW records).  His wife, Elizabeth Anges, died in the POW camp hospital age 54.

In 1952 the building was registered as a private secondary school offering education to Chinese and Eurasian children from affluent families living on the Peak. The school operated for over twenty years until 1973.

see this thread at timway.com.hk about the Chatham English School.

During the Japanese Occupation, the house might have been occupied by a high-ranking Japanese military officer. There was a postbox nearby which was built during King George V's reign (1910-1936), one of the few pre-Elizabeth postboxes remaining in Hong Kong.

from http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/Museum/Monument/form/AAB_brief_info_en.pdf

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The current owner, Sino Land, has requested that it be de-listed.  It is provisionally Grade II.  see the Request to de-list

  Does this mean if it is de- listed, it can be redeveloped?

It is proposed Grade II, which has no legal protection.  Grade I is the only grade that has legal protection.  So, even if it is not delisted, it can be redevoped.  However, there is no vehicle access, which will make it difficult to do anything other than what it is.

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If you intend to walk up or down the Chatham Path in humid and/or rainy seasons, please pay attention and mind your steps.  Last Sunday when I was walking down from Barker Road, my strides became slides for more than a dozen times even I was well equipped with a pair of Italian AKU hiking boots and a walking stick.

Suggest using smaller steps and reduce your speed a bit.

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Still owned by Sino Land and still available for rent: https://www.sino-residential.com/en/homes/detail/9/
(an update to the link posted by Annelise)