Hong Kong Police Orchestra/band Stanley Camp.

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Hello, my grandfather was in the Hong Kong Police before being interned at Stanley Camp with my Grandmother, my Dad and his two brothers when the Japanese invaded Hong Kong.

His name is Harold Woods and I believe his nickname was "Timber" Woods. 

He played the clarinet and was in the Hong Kong Police Orchestra or Band and their performances were played on the radio i believe.

Just wondering if anyone has any recollection of this and if there are any recordings or pictures that are available of the orchestra that anyone has access to?

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As Francis Harold WOODS,born 30.12.1902,  Served in the Band of the Brigade of Guards and enlisted in the HKP as P.C A.59 on the 26.7.1928. Advanced to Lance Sergeant on 2.3.1929.Interned with family in Stanley,referred to in Wright-Nooth at Page 200,notes him as a clarinetist,banished to the Stanley Camp Mortuary to practice. Following post internment leave he returned to Hong Kong on the 28.1.1947 per SS Ranchi.Awarded CPLSM 28.7.1946 as Sub Inspector,and first clasp thereto on the 26.7.1953.Returned to UK on retirement on 10.2.1954 per SS Corfu with wife and sons J.T and J.H.,address given as Sidcup,Kent.

Hello 1314, many thanks for the reply!

This is really interesting.

Do you know where I can find any pictures or recordings of the band from the radio as I heard he did broadcasts over the radio.


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I very much doubt that Radio Hong Kong broadcasts in the immediate post war era were recorded. Commercially available tape recorders did not start appearing on a wide scale until the early 1950s. ( the very first was produced for sale in 1948) . .To record sound in radio studios in these earlier days required a master disc cutting machine for making records ..... not commonly done. 

LP Records of the HKP police band first appeared in the mid 1960s......I bought one but it disappeared during one of my many house moves. When I threw out hundreds of records some 30 years ago, I did keep a few of "historic" value but these have since gone " AWOL"



The photo is the band of the Stanley Internment Camp.  The instruments were brought from the police band before they went to Stanley's internment camp.  However, I can't find any information about the police band between 1918 and 1942.  Please let me know if you have any information about this. 

Dear Rob Wood

I have heard Mr Wood is a British clarinetist who played in the police band in the 1950s. He may not be a member of the band. But he did help the band develop in the 1950s.  I may have a photo with him. 

Do you have any information about Chief inspector W.P Apps. 


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