Tales from The Tiger's Den - Foreigners in The Far East 1920-2020

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The spectrum of Tiger's Den is immense: chronologically, geographically, and experientially. From mercenaries, misfits and missionaries, to penniless panhandlers and ambitious ambassadors. A 100-year period full of seismic shifts as Asia went from colonial to post-colonial to being the epicentre of the 21st Century.

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You'll meet:
A White Russian in swinging Shanghai in the 1920s, whose father supplied trucks to Chinese warlords.
A Frenchwoman who lived in Indochina (Vietnam) who was evacuated as the French were defeated.
A Czechoslovakian pair who were confronted by the Partition riots in India in the 1940s.
An American GI landing on Okinawa during the kamikaze bombings and later escaped from Communist China.
A German couple who lived it up in Bangkok after the war, and saw the Dutch exported from independent Indonesia.
An American who was a truck driver and crocodile hunter in the Philippines.
A British tea trading family caught up in a Tamil Tiger attack in Sri Lanka.
An East End boy caught up in the horrors of building the Thai Burma Death Railway as a POW.
A Christian missionary who witnessed political uprisings in the Philippines plus other adventures in Papua New Guinea, Burma and Vietnam.
A British ambassador evacuated from Japan during the War, who had death threats during the Burmese junta.
Plus many more. With dozens of amazing, graphic photographs from private albums.

It's like reading The Year of LIving Dangerously, The Quiet American, The Honourable Schoolboy, The Empire of the Sun, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Slumdog Millionaire, and several Somerset Maugham books. The difference is that these are the real people who saw and lived through the real events.

They tell it as it was, in their own voice, so you can really feel their story and the amazing times they lived through.

Available now only on amazon in print or ebook format here: https://www.amazon.com/Tales-Tigers-Den-Foreigners-1920-2020-ebook/dp/B…

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