New Method School Kowloon in 1962

Submitted by theprofessor on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 00:29

I lived in Kowloon from May thru Nov 1962 and attended New Method School in Mongkok. I would appreciate any information anyonecan provide about the school. Many thanks.

There's a Chinese wiki page that refers to New Method College (新法書院) and says that it used to have a branch at 219 - 221 Prince Edward Road West. Would this have been your school? If so, it was demolished and replaced by a condominium development called "Sky Garden" (completed in 2004).

The school continued at other premises but as of 2012 had ceased to operate and the Man Fuk Road campus in Ho Man Tin has since been taken over by the Stanford American School.

Thank you very much for your reply and reference, however I cannot read Chinese.

This may be the school I am looking for. It was an all English teaching school and near to where I lived. I was only 13 at the time and lived in HK fo r6 months and at school for 2 months before returning to the U.S. In the U.S. I was in 8th grade and at New Method I entered Form 2 thinking it was equivalent.


Again thank you for the information.

I think many browsers now offer a translation (of varying quality) if you right mouse click on the page when it is displayed.

If that location was your school you would have been very close the the KCR rail tracks and the bridge over Prince Edward Road. The bridge would have been on your left as you came out of school and were stood on the south side of the road. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Gwulo has any photos from the vicinity except on the other side of the rail bridge (such as these shop houses that are still around: Maybe they will jog a memory or two.

Philk, Thank you very much I believe this is the school I attended. I recall that the curricula was so different as I was from the US. This when I learned the pound, schilling and pence monetary system. It es a great experience and I wish I kept up with my friendships.

I attended 6th grade at New Method located on Prince Edward in 1962 before transfering to La Salle for form 1. Then I came to the US in 1963. I remember some of the teachers at NMC and I have been wanting to get reconnected with some of them - Mr. Mok for math, Ms Siu for sociology/geography, Ms Hawkins, a very nice and kind English lady for English...