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South Lantau Obelisk [1902- ]

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c.1902-01-01 (Month is approximate)

Two identical stones on the north and south shores of Lantau Island mark the points at which the sea boundary (Pre-1997) with China touches the Island. The stones are granite, pointed on top, and standing on stone bases. A carved inscription on one of the faces of each base states that the stones were fixed in position by Lieutenant-Commander F.M. Leake, R.N. and officers of H.M.S. Bramble in 1902 in the longitude 113°52'0". The opposite face bears a corresponding inscription in Chinese. Both stones are marked as obelisks on ordnance maps. 

The text differs slightly on the two stones. The full text on the Southern Obelisk:


     This stone is in longitude 

113°52'0" fixed by Lieut and

Comdr F.M. Leake, R.N. and the

officers of H.M.S. "Bramble".

     From here the boundary

follows the western shore of

Lantao Island until it meets a

similar stone erected in the

same longitude on the north

side of the island southward.

The boundary extends to the

parallel of  22°9'0".


     This stone is placed 200

feet above H.W. mark for the

purpose of protecting it from

possible inroads of the sea.


Source: In Search of the Past: A Guide to the Antiquities of Hong Kong and own notes. See Lantau North Obelisk here The obelisk marking the eastern longitude of Hong Kong can be read here

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