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Brick & Cement Manufacturing in HK Circa 1900


I'm looking at the History of Bishop Hill underground reservoir, which has been in the news recently following a local community intervention to demoltion works (Link -

As a Structural Engineer, I'm principly interested in the manufacturer of the bricks and cement material used for the construction. I've read the enterings on the Deep Water Bay Brick Works, which looks to be a good candidate for the brick and clay pipe manufacturer and possibly the cement used in the mortor and concrete works. Green Island Cement works is another candidate for the cement.

I am trying to get some close up photos of the bricks to see if there are any manufacturers stamps, but no luck so far.

Does anyone have any knowledge or information of the above?




If you're interested in the recent events at Bishop Hill then please view the following AIA presentation on the existing underground reservoir structure and HK's current heritage system. It's a long one but worth viewing:

The section at the beginning shows the underground reservior and includes information and images from postings from this site. Thanks to the site and thanks to people that posted this information... its great stuff!