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Dam at Haw Par Stream [????- ]

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IMG_3774_虎豹坑.jpg, by irenewong

A dam at Haw Par Stream. Unknown date.



Hi Irene,

Thanks for posting a photo of this place which is rarely visited by any. I wonder if you spotted any structures or ruins that might have been part of the Haw Par Garden. H Lo recently posted photos of three pavilions that are up the hill from the site of the garden. In a drawing showing the Garden in the post-war years (I posted a link in the other thread), there are some little structures around the dam area.


There are several damns in this valley, just keep following the stream and the ribbons. Absolutely stunning, god-forgotten discovery.  

Hi C! So far I only saw the dams or ruins of waterworks. There is a path leading from pavilions to the stream but I haven't explored yet. 

Hi MikeB, yes absolutely! It worths visiting.

Hi Irene, have you explored the Eastern Side of the Valley? There's some old trails on the HK Gov maps but probably all overgrown. 

If the eastern part of the valley you are referring to is the ruins of the former squatters area at Lin Fa Kung Shan, then it's been frequented by experienced hikers. I've tried both the southern path from Sir Cecil's Ride and the northern path up to Hung Heung Lo Fung 228m.

The most spectacular views are those giant Indian Rubber Fig.


No, I meant either kicking off from the Serenade going uphill and then head SE or the End of Tai Hang drive into the valley and crossing over the stream where the old footbridge used to be or at the dam and exploring the slopes up there. You can also go to the very end of the valley following ribbons and exit towards the EOD Depot. My missing part is the trail which runs on about 160 to 180m of altitude on the eastern side of the valley. Direction roughly the same as the stream, so NW to SE. 

I saw a trail on HK Gov map leading from the pavilion to the stream, probably is the one you meant. No, I haven't explored that but may do so soon, yet as you said there maybe overgrown. Let see. 

When I went for the lower two pavilions, I did check the end of the Tai Hang Drive roughly, without noticing any path, not sure if its junction was there. Yet, we came across a ribbon heading towards the direction of the stream, but that was an indistinct path with vines only a metre from the ground, so we decided to leave it for the future, and then moved on to look for the pavilions.

That junction was on the first tier of terraced slope alongside Tai Hang Drive.

I followed a path from tai hang road tiger balm garden along the stream, inside the stream, nice waterfall from down there and reached the dam and crossed to the other side to finally reach tai hang drive. Path is difficult to follow on the east side, lots of overgrown, through old squatters huts all along. More squatter huts on the west side. Curious to know where the old bridge was located. Wasnt looking for it, maybe I missed something.

The bridge can be seen easily following the path into the valley on the Gov map:


Not much remains though.