Hung Hom service reservoir [c.1895-c.1960]

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The 1894 Public Works Report stated: "The service reservoirs at Yaumati and Hunghom have been completed."

The 1896 Kowloon map located this reservoir (with a capacity of ?92,850 gallons) approximately where the Ho Man Tin MTR station now stands. It was also shown on later maps, including the 1956 Kowloon map. 

More details also on the Industrial History of Hong Kong Group website:…


Searched a bit on for this reservoir. I think it was demolished around 1960 when the area was levelled and used for the Valley Road Estate which were first occupied in 1962. As replacement a much bigger reservoir was built "uphill", it's the Kings's Park High Level Service Reservoir, covered by a playground. On the 1963.2 map (which actually is an aerial photograph) the new reservoir can be seen, and the levelled area for new houses where the old reservoir was located.