Au Trou Normand (French Restaurant, First Location) [1964-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Au Trou Normand (French Restaurant, First Location) [1964-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place completed: 
c.1964-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

SCMP reported in 2003: Founded by a former French paratrooper, Bernard Vigneau, in 1964, the 60-seat restaurant was a slice of Europe in Tsim Sha Tsui. 

The restaurant was located at 6 Hankow Road (probably inside the Hanchung Mansion which opened 05/1962), at least until the 1980s.

It moved later to 4B-6H Carnarvon Road.

Note: In French gastronomy, the trou normand (Norman hole) is the custom that Calvados (distilled apple brandy from Normandy) is served between two courses - usually before the main course - during a break in the meal. This should improve disgestion and "create a hole in the stomach" to be able to eat more.

Photos that show this place



Definately went there sometime between 1988-1990.