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2 Kennedy Road

Manks is moving out THIS WEEK (31  Jan 2010).  To visit this building before it is demolished go today.

"Manks lovingly restored a neglected 1935 colonial house off Garden Road, overlooking the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens and the Chief Executive's residence. The shophouse as it is fondly known, houses our Modern Design Collection alongside original museum quality antiques. "

Kennedy Terrace - 1920/30 era building opposite at 6 & 8 Kennedy Road are also in line for demolition soon.

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I'm pretty sure the permit would be displayed on-site together with some other documents.  I seem to recall some documents being posted to the board outside the now demolished shophousesR in Argyle Street back then.

For government information, not all the department are putting their stuffs online despite they all have their own website.  I am just uncertain.

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I'm getting my info second hand.

2 Kennedy Road does not appear in a Lands Department search.  We do not know which lot it is attached to.  

The demolition permit was for 2A, 2B & 4 Kennedy Rd - not 2 Kennedy Rd. 

The Building's Deparment can only tell you after the permit has been issued, not before.  As we know from the Stubbs Road house, if someone starts demolition, laws are very weak to stop them.  Just say "oops". 





 From J Lee,
"Vice President of the Hong Kong Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, our group is mandated to encourage awareness of good design and sustainability.  The AIA supports the preservation and reuse of structures whenever possible. 
This building is a classic art deco building from the 30's, which is increasingly rare on Hong Kong Island.  Wan Chai market just demolished last year was also from this time period.   The flat roofs, concrete overhangs, steel framed and round windows are features typical of this style.  Inside are some of the original mosaic and terrazzo floors.  I am not sure if the light fixtures are original, most likely installed by Manks when they renovated the building around 8 years ago.  The scale is of signficant importance as all of Midlevels becomes a blur of non descript highrises, this is the last remaining shop house and an anchor for Kennedy Road.  
Number 28 Kennedy is also a significant structure and residential scale, and is preserved to be offices for the Former Chief Executives of Hong Kong.  It would be wonderful to have other remembrances of our past preserved and find a meaningful use for them."
If this wonderful building is simply being torn down for parking or some other insignificant use and will be come more refuse in a dump - that would be a great pity.  

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2A, 2B & 4 Kennedy Terrace are already boarded up with scaffoldings and most likely gone.  The  6th & 8th are still somewhat occupied, but the half-basement unit of the 6th appeared to be moving out.

As for Manks, I guess they have only been occupying the top floors as that particular house seemed to be something like this:

They have another staircase entrace down below, with a property agent next to it.

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2A,2B & 4 are owned by Cheung Kong.

The Li family owns 6 & 8 Kennedy Terrace.  David Li of LegCo is the grandson of the man who built the little Art Deco "shophouse" at 2 Kenndey Rd. 

If you look at the documents, the part of the house on the terrace was originally built in what was described as the "garden" of 6 & 8 Kennedy Rd.  A bit of land was transfered in the 1930s from neighbouring lot for the shophouse.

IL 1381 - Kennedy Rd - MacDonnall Rd - Peak Tram

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