Temporary Buildings near Signal Hill [c.1920-c.1927]

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Reclamation of land at the southern end of Tsim Sha Tsui was finished around 1905. This was in connection with the proposed Kowloon Canton Railway. Since 1899, the government discussed several plans and locations for both the railway line and the terminus. In the article “The Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) Part 3 – the construction of Kowloon Station” (on industrialhistoryhk.org) it is reported that one of the possible locations would be the area between Middle and Salisbury Roads, east of Nathan Road. This area consists of K.I.L.’s 1141, 443, and 442. By 1910, these lots (among others) had been purchased by the government.

However, plans changed and the government decided to build the terminus further west, and this area was of no other immediate use. Photos from the 1910s show a flat area covered with grass.

1910s Signal Hill
1910s Signal Hill, by moddsey

The 1920 map on Gwulo refers to a “Tar Macadam Depot” on K.I.L. 442. On a photo from the 1920s, matshed huts appear on K.I.L.’s 1141 and 442. They are visible on several photos taken during the 1920s. The 1926 map on hkmaps.hk labels this area as “GOVT DEPOT”.

Blackhead Point Signal Station
Blackhead Point Signal Station, by annelisec

The 1927 typhoon probably destroyed the huts.

TST below signal hill 1927
TST below signal hill 1927, by fong.laikuen

They didn’t have a long life, photos from 1930 onwards show flat land again without any buildings on it. in 1933, the British Empire Fair was held in this place.

In the 1950s, the area was used as a vehicle parking ground and for the 1957 TST industry fair, before the Middle Road Car Park was built in 1964.

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