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H. Uyeno Photographic Studio [c.1885-1889]

H. Uyeno Photographic Studio
c.1885-01-01 (Year is approximate)
c.1889-08-28 (Day is approximate)

Ueno Hikoma (15th October 1838-22nd May 1904) was a pioneer Japanese photographer from Nagasaki noted for his fine portraits, landscapes and that of Nagasaki and its environs. He first opened a photographic studio in Nagasaki in 1862 and later had branches of his photographic studio in Vladivostock in 1890 and in Shanghai and Hong Kong in 1891 according to wiki yet the notice below indicated he had closed business by August of 1889 in Hong Kong. He had an important working relationship with the famed Italian-British photographer Felice Beato, and was a commercially and artistically successful photographer during his career.


H Uyeno The Hong Kong Telegraph page 3 30th August 1889.png
H Uyeno The Hong Kong Telegraph page 3 30th August 1889.png, by The Hong Kong Telegraph



When exactly his studio was first established in Hong Kong is unknown at present so I've put the mid-1880s as a starting point. Any further information about his studio in Hong Kong please add below.

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"articitcially" successful? Do you mean artistically successful?

Also, while the image is named "H Uyeno The Hong Kong Telegraph page 3 30th August 1889", the date shown on the image is 28th August, 1889. If it were really posted on 30th August 1889 and customers/suppliers were requested to settle their payments before the 31st instant, then it would be a very tight schedule for the accountants/cashiers to do so!

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Thanks for spotting what I missed - I've corrected it; autocorrect can generate unintended amusing outcomes (!)

Yes, I also noticed that the time to settle payments was very tight in the blink-and-you-miss-it notice. Maybe he did re-establish his business again in 1891 as per wiki but this needs verifying.