My only memory with Kai Tak

Submitted by gary.c on Mon, 10/12/2020 - 20:02

Hi guys. I am new to Nice to meet you all and learn the history about Hong Kong from all of you.

I took the pictures below last year from Kai Tak Airport Photo Exhibition at Mikiki, San Po Kong. Before the Airport’s closure, I was still very little living in Sham Shui Po. Even though I had never been to the Airport, I was amazed by aeroplanes and engine noise flying over my head. The rest of my impression about Kai Tak is from TV dramas and movies.

Do you have special memories or nostalgia with Kai Tak?

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here's one memory -> my plane was approaching kai tak for landing in early 90s. it was flying so low, i could see what was on the televisions in the residential buildings that we were zipping by!

in the 70s when i was a child, hk people didn't fly as much. lots of people cried their eyes out sending off their families at kai tak. back then, it could be a few years before you'd see them again

i always thought airports were romantic for that reason...

yes exactly. Back then there was no facebook, IG. Even long distance call was not affordable. I could only imagine the emotional and romantic scenes of goodbye from old TV dramas and movies.

The interior photos of the airport are also very rare nowadays. They become only the memories of those who had been to the airport.