Remins of Sha Tau Kok Branch -- rails, trackbed, bridges and stations | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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Remins of Sha Tau Kok Branch -- rails, trackbed, bridges and stations

HI everybody,


Recently I did a research on Sha Tau Kok Branch (1911-1928) that locates remains on the trainline. Interesting to find many remains more than my expectation. In short, I located 3 bridges (2 confirmed but 1 uncertained), miles of railbed and 2 stations locations (Wu Hang and Shek Chun Au Stations)

I have my articles on my website here. If you don't read Chinese you may watch video with Eng subtitle at here.

Moreover, I was given seats from the first generation KCRC EMU train from locals for restoration. You'd see them at the end of video.








Interesting and Informative. To assist readers, it would be a plus if the locations of the former stations on the STK branch line be included and annotated on maps on Gwulo. 

just before 1997 a sha tau kok police commander pointed out to me sections of rail that had been used to hoist up overhead electricity cables around the village. no idea if they’re still there

It's good suggestion to add these places on the map but I haven't figured out how to add my places onto the map.


According to 1924 aerial photos that clearly shows the trainline, the trainline nowadays has become a concrete road. However, when I visited this section I didn't pay attention to overhead powerlines. I take a look next time.

A 70 years old local add me information (after my article published) about :

  1. Two water tanks in Wo Hang didn't relate to STK Branch. They were built around 40-50s for irrigation.
  2. There were metal joists on Wo Hang Bridge until 50s
  3. Two wells located at Chung Ying Street checkpoint that supplied water to stream loco in the past. Now, of course, gone.