Royal Court Hotel [????-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Royal Court Hotel [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

15 Observatory Road, Ground Floor, Koloon (sic) Hong Kong 

This was the address listed on a Japanese POW card ( for the mother of George Kenneth Campbell Jr. one of the captured Hong Kong Volunteer sappers.  He was 18  

They were from Shanghai, likely coming down to HK in 1937 when the Japanese invaded  

I looked up the address on the SCMP archives and found this advertisement that ran for a couple of years from 1936 to 1939  

It then became a “private hotel, finally being requisitioned after the war by the government  

I was so delighted to find a line drawing of the hotel that, for a lark, I checked into the current hotel for a night to enjoy one of only two rooms that have a nice view of the observatory 

I enjoyed sharing my find with the desk manager who liked it, and he was also delighted to find the Mira Hotel on the Gwulo website  

Photos that show this place