Residential Building on K.I.L. 537 [c.1895-c.1949]

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European House on K.I.L. 537, northern side of Cameron Road, probably number 33. Appears first on the 1895 map on

The Public Works Report for 1892 refers

126. Kowloon New Roads. (C.S.O. 397/1892).—Detail plans and estimates were laid before a meeting of the Public Works Committee held on the 23rd of May for the construction of Des Voeux, Granville, Cameron, Carnarvon, East and Middle Roads......

127. The roads when completed will give easy means of access to many of the new Inland Lots, and Des Voeux Road, 45 feet in width skirting the western shore of Hung Hom Bay, will doubtless be a popular resort for the residents in Kowloon.

The house is still there on the 1945 map on Gwulo. It was probably demolished end of 1940s to make way for the International Hotel that opened in 1950.

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