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Japanese tunnel_service_reservoir [????- ]

Current condition: 

Tried following the route and looked for it at the location marked on the map passed to me, of which it's done by other hikers, I was unable to locate the entrance. The dirt track was faint on site.

I have gone through the broken parts of a high fence twice.

It's said to be south of the Shau Kei Wan service reservoir.



Also tried to find once before, could not locate.

I found two entrances, all that remains are two tiny open holes about 15m apart. I guess it's just one tunnel with 2 exits.

Just branch off the main hiking trail going uphill to the left. Look for some old pipes on the ground and traverse along the mountain. 

First entrance is probably 20m from the hiking trail and the second one 35m further to the East. Don't go through the cut open fence, but right at it a few m uphill is the Eastern entrance.