Looking for drawing of Central Market

Submitted by ypso on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 11:04

Hi everyone, 

I am carrying out a architectural study on the Old Central Market which was completed in 1895. I have been searching through the National Archives in the UK as well as the public record office in HK, but it seems that there are no relevant architectural drawings/design/record drawings (by the public works department or Tender Document/ Construction Drawing) of the building. Does anyone know any other possible places may hide those drawings in their chest and drawers? 

The most relevant sources I could find is from the Report of Public Works for 1890 to 1896, which mentioned "the detailed drawings of the superstructure are nearly completed, and tenders will shortly be called for..." and it means there were some sort of detailed drawings in the government record for tender/ construction purpose. 

Displaying 1890-Central Market.JPG

Other than the formal archives, may I know have you heard of the Crown Agents? It seems that they might have a copy of the drawing of the Central Market (at least the steel works) when they were ordered for the production of the steel works? 

Looking forward to hearing any other ideas and hints.