Chan's Creative School [????- ]

Submitted by philk on Mon, 07/13/2020 - 20:56
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The school has an older section attached that looks like it might date back to the 60's.

Photos that show this Place



Thanks Phil.  I explored this area in the mid 1950s and I don't remember seeing any buildings on the north side of Boundary Street.  I remember the south side - walking down to the nullah under the street one time.  The flow in the creek was low.  One time, a typhoon turned Boundary Street into a raging muddy river so it must have been one awesome sight here.  Water was about one foot deep when the water reached Ki Lung Street my home.  Regards,  Peter  

You're welcome Peter. I looked at the 1957 map and it appears that there was a building at this location at that time, but whether it was this one or not I can't tell. The architecture is very much of that era though. Regards, Phil 

The old school building has been there for as long as I can remember. It was either called 深水埗學校 or 九龍學校, can't remember which is which now. There was another older building where the new building is now.

IMG_6875.JPG, by tkjho

Thank you tkjho and phil for the clarification.  I believe the 1956 map that shows the Sham Shui Po School building at the site is the same 3-storey building today. It was a bit recessed from Boundary Street and possibly trees too that blocked my view.  Regards,  Peter