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Lamma Channel Measured Mile Beacons [????- ]

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The 1923 and 1962 nautical charts of the HK approaches shows that a pair of beacons were located on Bluff head. The same chart shows a pair of beacons are located on Ngan Chau, also on Magazine Island and the north side of Aberdeen harbour.

The beacons on Bluff Head and Ngan Chau are shown on a 1896 map, though the exact year of construction is unclear.

The 1925 Asiatic Pilot gives this information.

Beacons.—Two obelisks, each 30 feet (9.1 m.) high, have been erected toward the head of Taitam Bay and in range 358° lead 600 yards westward of Castle Rock.

Measured distance—Beacons.—A distance of 5 miles is marked off in East Lamma Channel, the running line being marked by a white painted patch on Putoi in range with the summit of Castle Rock 123° 31'. The depths on the running line range from 12 to 20 fathoms (21.9 to 36.6 m.). The eastern portion, 2 miles, lies between the pair of beacons in range on Bluff Point, Taitam Peninsula, and a pair on Ngan Chow; the western portion, 3 miles, between the latter beacons in range and the one on the eastern extremity of Magazine Island in range with that on the northern side of Aberdeen Harbor. 

The beacon on the Aberdeen side is next to the Shek Pai Wan Road, but it cannot be seen at street level on Google Street View. Not sure if the beacon was placed on the slope.

Currently, light No. 95 is located on Bluff head, which was probably built in around 1964. It is unknown if the beacons survive today. The lower beacon on Bluff Head might be close to / exactly where the No. 95 light is.