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Hakka ghost villages

I'm looking for information and / or experts who can tell me more about the Hakka ghost villages around Starling Inlet, Sha Tau Kok Hoi. 


Hi There,

They are not exactly ghost villages.  Some decendants of the villages did come back at least to claim their ancestral house back.  That said.....

Take a look at this map.

If you go for a walk starting from Wu Kau Tang close to Bride's Pool, towards Sam Ah village, then to Lai Chee Wor, you could have passed through quite a few.  There are still a small jumber of villagesrs living in Sam Ah Village and Lai Chee Wor, but there quite a few ruins along the way.  From Lai Chee Wor if you go along the coast, you could to to So Nor Pun, Yung Shu Au, then along the coast towards Fung Hang, then Luk Keng.  May take you more than a day if you want to look into each village.

There are two villages up the slopes between Sam Ah and Lai Chi Wor, one called Kap Tong and the other Mui Tze Lam (same name with the one in Ma On Shan).  I think there is just one household in Kap Tong, who moved back just about a year or two ago.  They got electricy last year.