1.1.1 Updated PHP to version 7.3 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1.1.1 Updated PHP to version 7.3

I've updated Gwulo's web server to version 7.3 of PHP, as it makes the website run faster than it did on the older version of PHP

A few parts of the website stopped working, as is usually the case after an update like this. I've fixed all the problems I can see, but if you notice strange behaviour on any pages, please leave a comment below with a link to that page and a description of the problem.


In the "What's New" section, the word "new" has disappeared behind the topics that have new posts that I have not seen yet. Now I have to click on every topic if I want to make sure I don't miss anything new.

P.S. As soon as I post this and clicked back to the What's New section, the word "new" magically reappeared.

If it happens again, not seeing the "new" in the "What's New" page usually means you aren't logged in to the website.

Check to see if the "User Login" block is showing on the page. If it is you'll need to log in again and then the "new" should reappear.