Hart Avenue [c.1911- ]

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Named after: Sir Robert Hart, 1st Baronet (1835 –1911), British Diplomat in the Qing Government (source)


Hart Avenue is a Y-shaped short street in Tsim Sha Tsui. Today is starts at Prat Avenue (close to Carnarvon Road) and bifurcates after about 60 m. One branch (the older one) runs south to Mody Road, the other east to Chatham Road South.


  • 1911: Street built (estimate)

  • 1913: Street first mentioned in the Juror’s list

  • 1920: first appearance on a map[1] - only the branch to Mody Road existed

  • 1957(ca.): second branch to Chatham Road South built (first appearance on a map[1])


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[1] ] see HKMAPS.HK

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