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Shek I or Shekki Junk Wharf

These may be two completely different places ... but has anyone ideas about where Sheki or Shek I ... near Macao (by implication not in HK) might be - the year is 1900.

And another story I'm working on has a reference to Shekki Junk Wharf.  I  am fairly sure that this is in HK.  The year for this one is 1927.

Any help will be much appreciated!




Probably refers to the city to the north of Macao as noted here

Thanks for that Moddsey .... so it looks as if the Junk Wharf might be in Shekki itself, and not refer to some ferry service, then.


The reference to Shekki in HKPL can be viewed here

I note there were passenger junks plying to and from Shekki and quite likely onward to Hong Kong or via Macao. Not sure where the location is but may refer to a pier on Hong Kong Island or to a wharf in Macao where one would arrive by junk or ferry boat from Shekki. Hope this helps.

There was a Macao - Shiqi ferry route in the first half of the last century. Shiqi is the mandarin pronunciation of 石岐 which is pronounced as Shekki in Cantonese. The route is mentioned in page 105 of "Zhongshan City Foreign Trade Journal"  [Guangdong Science and Technology Press , 1989 - Zhongshan Shi (China)] :

"Before 1937 , there were two private passenger and freight ships on the Shiqi - Macao route, which departed daily between the two places to carry import and export cargo; there was also a Guanghong motor boat, which departed from Macau in the morning and in the evening..." [Google translation]

A set of boat tickets dated back to 1940s can be seen here